Supporting Education

Graduate Trainee (GTs) Induction Program

Etisalat Afghanistan stands committed in its long-standing resolution of partnering in the development and enhancement of human capital and skill levels of local Afghan employees, which is evident from the fact that 93 percent of Etisalat Afghanistan staff comprise of local Afghans.

We have already inducted 60 graduate trainees and have given extensive training and development both locally and overseas. Graduate trainees have been groomed to take on critical work functions and take on positions of responsibility with Etisalat. 

Building Computer Labs with Internet Facility

As part of its ongoing support to education sector with emphasis to encourage primary education in Afghanistan, EA has recently launched a drive to construct the computer labs with internet facility in various schools and universities of Afghanistan.
Distribution of Schools Bags, Stationary Items and Gifts

A team from Etisalat Afghanitan recently has distributed more than 6,000 gifts and souvenirs among the children of schools including school bags, shirts, caps, notebooks and other stationary item. The team visited Mahmoud Hotaky School, Amena-e-Fedawi Girls School, Zarghona Kindergarten in Kabul and Paghman Girls School in Paghman District.

The Etisalat Afghanistan team members demonstrated sheer enthusiasm and motivation during the visit. The eagerness and enthusiasm shown by children to learn and grow into a constructive part of Afghan society was highly encouraging for the Etisalat Afghanistan team to continue such endeavours in future as well. 



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