As the CEO of Etisalat Afghanistan, I am proud to write this message and share some facts about Etisalat Afghanistan with you. Etisalat, during its operation in Afghanistan, has stood steadfast to deliver its promise of providing Afghans with world-class voice and data services. We are privileged to be an important part of the evolution of the telecommunication sector in the country. Our innovative products and services have transformed lives by giving people the platform where connectivity and transparency bring unlimited opportunities and possibilities.  

At Etisalat Afghanistan, we put our customers first and strive to fulfill their needs as they are considered to attribute to our business success. Our unique customer service culture, inherited from our parent company, Etisalat UAE, has helped us become the number one telecom company of choice for Afghans. We also take pride in being the first company to introduce 3.75G in Afghanistan which transformed the digital communication infrastructure in the country.

As a change-nimble organization, we have always been responsive to changes in our environment. We are fully aware of the new concerns and economic hardship caused by the spread of COVID-19 around the world. Telecom firms have also been vulnerable to the impact of this crisis. Despite these challenging times, we are pleased to have helped our customers stay connected and ensure the survival of the businesses that are associated with our operation.

On behalf of the Etisalat family, I would like to reassure the people of Afghanistan that we are constantly working on the expansion of our services. Using our global reach, we will continue to innovate, invest, and support the Afghans on the path toward a better tomorrow.

I would also like to invite you to explore our website and find out more about what we have to offer.


Mohamed Osman

CEO, Etisalat Afghanistan