Satellite Based broadband Internet in Afghanistan

Etisalat provides Broadband internet services with high performance and resilience through its Satellite Internet Services, Yahclick

Yahclick services are extended through new generation satellites that makes use of the increased bandwidth given by the Ka-band. Yahclick is the first satellite service in Afghanistan to provide internet connectivity using Ka-band multi-spot beams ( 10,11 and 20), which have reusable frequencies that give users access to greater satellite capacity at a reduced price.

These high throughput satellites are designed to provide satellite broadband services and are based on a multi-spot beam payload. Compared to conventional satellites, the key benefits are:anslation is too long to be saved

  • Smaller & medium antenna sizes (74 cm & 98 cm ) and low-power radio transmitters drive down equipment costs.
  • Cost-effective bandwidth supply due to efficient frequency re-use in spot beams.
  • Faster and more reliable internet access speeds.
  • In a frequency re-use scheme, the same frequency is re-used numerous times over different geographical areas, much like cellular phone technology (GSM cells)
  • Frequency re-use directly translates into increased throughput

Etisalat provides seamless services with 99% packet delivery and 99% uptime SLA.

Key Benefits and Applications:

  • Internet browsing, e-mail and social media
  • Multiple service plans varying in speeds and data download allocations
  • Wide coverage in main cities and rural areas
  • Powerful satellite modem supporting multiple user sessions and multiple PCs behind each modem
  • Quick to install and easy to operate
  • Connectivity for team communication and collaboration
  • Cost effective, fast and reliable connections
  • Direct connection through satellite to subscribers
  • Friendly and helpful technical and customer care support

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