Etisalat Brand

The Brand Commitment:

Etisalat commits to empower Afghans with the code to surf the future. With Etisalat, the thin veil that separates the present from the future dissolves. That is because of our investment in technologies, innovations and dreams that transcends time. With Etisalat, you enter the Tesaract that bridges you with your future.

The Brand Oath:

To take part in the struggle between today and the promise of tomorrow. To invest in technologies, talent and infrastructure, to break the barriers faced by networks today. To be the transformation. To live the transformation. To let this transformation touch the lives of millions of subscribers across Afghanistan.

Our DNA:
Break Conventions:

When the world gets comfortable with advancements in technology, we pave the highway of change. When competition embraces breakthroughs, we change the governing laws itself. When mankind dreams for the impossible, we make it possible. We are conditioned to lead. And lead we will.

Be Responsible:

Beyond our business lies our ethics. Beyond profit lies our promise. Our actions, products, services, promises to one and all is backed by an unstated promise. The promise of taking responsibility of our actions and commitments to the people of Afghanistan. Etisalat walks the talk. Our responsibility is to exceed our promise. Every time.

Impact lives. Affect Livelihoods:

We believe we are not just in the business of network & connectivity. We are in the business of empowering people. Making their transactions robust. Making their businesses more profitable. Making relationships stronger. And connecting Afghanistan with the world through meaningful transactions. Our business beliefs transcend business economics. Therein lies our edge, so also our advantage. Etisalat is the medium that provisions connectivity to usher in betterment of lives. Whether business, entertainment, emergencies or transfer of knowledge.

Etisalat. We are in conversation with your newborn, even before you’ve welcomed the child to our planet:

At Etisalat, future is today. It’s not an eventuality to be dealt with later. Our technologies and research plots the trajectory of a newborn in terms of the world they will grow up in. The challenges they will face. And hence our solutions are ready, when they come of age. That is our investment in future ready technologies and concepts. Our promise is to empower the world to face their future. In fact, what it implies is more important. With Etisalat by your side, YOUR FUTURE IS NOW.


Ehasan Plaza, near Hajji Yaqoub square, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
+93 786 786 786

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