Etisalat Presents Afghanistan`s first eSIM

eSIM makes it easy to switch from one phone account to another without having to replace your SIM card each and every time. To get a QR code and activate your eSIM, please visit your nearest Etisalat flagship in Kabul or other provinces.

Region Flagships
Kabul Shar-e-Now Flagship
Kabul Gull Bahar Flagship
Kabul Laycee Mariam Flagship
Kabul Mattba Flagship
Kabul Kote-e-Sangi Flagship
Herat Herat Flagship
Jalalabad Jalalabad Flagship
Mazar Mazar Flagship
Kandahar Kandahar


Ehasan Plaza, near Hajji Yaqoub square, Shar-e-Naw, Kabul Afghanistan
+93 786 786 786

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