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We value that our remarkable success across continents is attributed to the way we conduct our businesses responsibly towards the community we operate in. This is our credo and the reason for corporate responsibility to be embedded in our culture and practices.
We believed from the onset that providing top of the line telecommunications solutions to our customers is the key but more importantly the way we respond socially and culturally towards the people of Afghanistan, fostering their social and economic efforts in rebuilding of this magnificent country holds paramount significance in times to come.

Our on-going initiatives

  • Reconstruction of Mosques
      • Etisalat committed to reconstruct Masjids in all over Afghanistan. Totally EA planed to reconstruct 38 Masjids in different regions of Afghanistan (14 Masjids in central region, 4 Masjids in East region, 4 Masjids in West region, 4 Masjids in North and 4 Masjids in South region).

        Reconstruction of Mosques in Afghanistan
  • Development of Sports at grass root levels
  • Graduate Trainee Program
  • Supporting Education
    • In term of Education EA is supporting Universities and schools by establishing net cafes and computer classes and also EA is supporting Afghan Women Educational Center ( AWEC) and Afghanistan Women Council (AWC) by giving some gifts.

    • Schools Support Program
    • Internship Program for University Students
    • Support to Afghan Women Education Center (AWEC)
    • Support to Afghanistan Women Council (AWC)
  • Annual Holy Quran Awards
  • Food Distribution Activities
    • Etisalat Afghanistan, as part of the Corporate Social responsibility program, conducted the annual food distribution program during the holy month of Ramadan. The beneficiaries were from capital city, Kabul and several provinces in Afghanistan. The food packages contained all food essentials to ensure that the needy, are able to celebrate the Holy Festival. Etisalat Afghanistan is committed to the betterment of the people in the country.

      Annual Food Distribution 2010

  • Hajj Events
    • By supporting the Hajji's, providing with gifts such is travel bags, belts, dates, umbrellas and Hajj guidance books (20,000 Hajji’s).

      Hajj Events


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