Sport Sponsorship

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) Sponsorship

Etisalat Afghanistan is committed to the development of cricket sport at the grass root level since the inception of the Afghanistan Cricket Board in 2009. EA was the official sponsor of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) and the National Cricket Team. So far, EA has hired three renowned Afghan cricketers as its brand ambassadors to support the cricket stars and the sport itself.

Cricket in Afghanistan is considered one of the most popular sports in lieu of the recent brilliant performances of the National Cricket Team on the world stage. The ascent of the Afghanistan National Cricket team and the rising popularity of the game in the country is considered arguably one of the most scintillating stories in the history of sports. In spite of limited resources and the young history of cricket in the country compared to some of the biggest names internationally; the Afghanistan National Cricket team has been ranked among the top ten cricket playing nations across the globe.

Afghanistan National Volleyball Federation Sponsorship

Etisalat Afghanistan was also the official sponsor of the "National Volleyball Federation". EA believes that empowering the youth with sports is a platform to express their individuality in the country in a current state of flux; this is also a detractor from engaging in anti-social activities.

Buzkashi ('goat grabbing') Sponsorship

Etisalat Afghanistan was the official sponsor of the National Buzkashi and Local Sports Federation. The game of Buzkashi is a national heritage of the people of Afghanistan and is organized on the auspicious occasion of “Nauwroze”- New Year Celebrations - every year in the city of Mazar and other northern provinces of Afghanistan


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