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Etisalat Introduce Pre-Paid Roaming Service

Kabul, June 14 2009: Etisalat Afghanistan’s fastest growing service today announced the launch of it’s Pre-Paid Roaming Service. Now Etisalat customers who have a Pre-Paid Connection can use their phones in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and in Turkey.

The Roaming Service lets you use your mobile phone to make calls when traveling outside Afghanistan. You can easily reach your family and business colleagues back home as well as make calls to anywhere in the world.

With regarding to the launch of the Pre-Paid Roaming Service Mr. Ahmad Al Hosany the acting CEO and CCO of Etisalat Afghanistan said: ( With the launch of Pre-Paid Roaming, Etisalat now empowers it’s customers to stay connected even when they are traveling abroad )
He further added : ( We will soon expand our Pre-Paid Roaming Footprint, with the addition of Pakistan, Iran, India and other neighboring countries to Afghanistan. As well as countries in Europe which have significant Afghan population)

With Etisalat Pre-Paid Roaming you need to only ensure that enough pre-paid balance is there before leaving the country. Once you are in the city where Etisalat has Pre-Paid Roaming, all you need is to switch on the mobile phone and start talking.

Etisalat has always provided affordable rates. It also provides a host of value added services like CRBT, SMS, Voice mail, GPRS, MMS etc.

Etisalat was awarded the 4th GSM license by the Afghanistan Government to support the building of Afghanistan communication network, strengthen the medium for economic development, and create employment opportunities.

Etisalat Afghanistan is the subsidiary of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation that has been famous for over 30 years as the number one mobile operator in UAE for delivering technical excellence, innovation and reliability.

Internationally Etisalat provides telecommunications services in 18 countries. Until now etisalat has a total of around 80 million subscribers over its international operations.