Hourly Data Bundles

Enjoy high-speed internet at the lowest rates.

Bundle Name Price Benefit Validity Activation Deactivation
Hourly 650MB 15 AFN 650MB 1 Hour 650MB To 3378 PU 650MB to 3378
Hourly 1GB 20 AFN 1024 MB 1 Hour 1GB to 3378 PU 1GB to 3378


  • New hourly data bundles can co-exist with other data bundles.
  • Subscribers shall be able to purchase the same bundle multiple times. 
  • The bundles shall not have any conflict with other data bundles. 
  • Price of PAYG will be 1 AFN per MB post bundle utilized.
  • Subscribers shall be able to check their bonus balance by sending 505 as SMS to 606.

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