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More Reward Program

Welcome to Etisalat MORE Rewards Program, As our way of saying thank you to all our valued subscribers, we have designed this program exclusively for you. Enjoy rewards each time you use Etisalat services. Join Etisalat MORE reward program and earn on every call you make, every SMS you send and every Ringtone you download. Win the best of rewards, from on-net minutes, mobiles, high-end laptops. All you need to do is accumulate points. The rewards are yours. The future is yours.

More about Etisalat Reward Program
  • How to enroll in the Etisalat MORE Rewards Program?

    Just get yourself enrolled in the Rewards Program and start accumulating the points. Enrolling in the program is simple. You can enroll through any of the below methods. Elite package subscribers are not required to enroll as they are automatically enrolled in the program.

    • Type REG and send as SMS to short code 607.
    • By dialing short code 607 and following the voice instructions to register for the program.
    • Type *607# on your mobile and press send.
    • By calling to helpline 888 for prepaid or 777 for postpaid.
    • You shall receive a confirmation message for enrollment and the 10 welcome rewards points you receive.
  • How to Accumulate MORE Rewards Points?

    Once enrolled in the MORE Rewards Points Program, you immediately start accumulating loyalty points based on the following criteria:

    • Opt-in to MORE Rewards Program = 10 welcome points
    • Usage of each 10 AFN = 1 point
    • Subscription to any Etisalat data bundles = 2 points for each 10 AFN
    • Completion of each month on EA network = 5 points
    • Every recharge of 500 AFN = 10 points
    • Spending each 250 AFN on EA network in a month = 10 points
  • How to Check Your MORE Rewards Points balance?

    You can check at any time the Rewards points you have accumulated through any of the following methods:

    • Send text message BAL to the short code 706
    • Type *706# on your mobile and press send
    • By calling 607 and following the instructions to check the loyalty points balance
  • What rewards & benefits can you exchange your MORE rewards points for?

    You can exchange accumulated Rewards points for a wide variety of rewards and benefits offered by Etisalat. Diagram below gives the benefits & rewards that can be redeemed against the earned rewards points along with the points required and redemption code that you shall be using to redeem.

  • How to exchange the MORE Rewards Points?

    Rewards points can be exchanged for benefits like free minutes, SMS and data by:

    • Sending the Redemption Code for the chosen Redemption Item as SMS to the short code 607
    • By calling 607 and following the instructions to redeem the desired item

    In order to exchange MORE Rewards points for the merchandise items, customer has to visit the nearest Etisalat Customer Service Centre along with his/her identification documents (Tazkira or Passport) and proof of registration and ownership of SIM. Etisalat Customer Service Representative shall than assist you in exchanging your loyalty points for the merchandise item you desire. Please note that SIM registration is mandatory by law.

  • What MORE Rewards Points Validity, Expiry and Exchange Policy?
    • Points begin to accrue immediately after enrolment to the MORE Rewards program.
    • Free minutes/SMS or any other EA network related benefit shall be valid for 10 days only from the date of redemption and expire thereafter.
    • All Loyalty Points earned by customer are valid for 365 days from date of Opt-in. Loyalty Points not yet redeemed at the end of 365 days shall expire thereafter and no compensation shall be given by EA to the customer.
    • In case customer decides to Opt-out of the MORE Rewards Program, any Rewards points remaining in customer balance at the time of Opt-Out shall be forfeited.
    • MORE Rewards points cannot be exchanged for cash.
    • All earned points or benefits shall be non-transferable.
    • The MORE rewards points shall not expire if the customer enters One Way or Two Way Block state and customer can redeem these points after he/she becomes active again.
    • In case of migration of subscriber from one prepaid package to any other prepaid package, loyalty points in customer account shall also be migrated to new package.
    • In case of migration of subscriber from one postpaid package to any other postpaid package, loyalty points in customer account shall also be migrated to new package.
    • No points shall be given for each completed month on EA network if the customer is in One Way or Two Way Block state.
  • Other Terms & conditions
    • EA shall have no responsibility or liability of any kind whatsoever once the items redeemed against the MORE rewards points have been transferred/handed over to the customer.
    • In case of air tickets, customer shall be responsible to arrange his/her passport and visa for traveling.
    • No cash refund shall be provided by EA in lieu of any redemption item.
    • Customer shall have to present proof of identification – either Tazkira or in case of foreign nationals the passport at the time of applying for or receiving the merchandize redemption items from Etisalat Afghanistan.
    • Only the customer in whose name Etisalat SIM is registered shall be eligible to apply for and receive the item.
    • Accepting or rejecting any redemption request shall solely be at the discretion of Etisalat Afghanistan.
    • EA reserves the right to make any change(s) at any time to the loyalty program or terminate it without prior notice, without any liability whatsoever to the customer.
    • EA will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer in redeeming any reward.
    • All gifts in the catalogue are subject to availability.
    • Etisalat is not providing a warranty certificate to Merchandising.
    • At any time customer cancel his membership Etisalat will terminate his membership by deducting all points.
    • Free minutes and services offered in certain promotions do not earn points.
    • Etisalat Afghanistan reserves the right to make any changes to the Loyalty Points Program structure, rewards & benefits, terms & conditions or to discontinue the program at any time at its sole discretion without any liability, material or otherwise to the customers.

Now you can transfer up to 100 rewards points to friends and family members and receive up to 300 rewards points from them in a month.

To transfer points, simply dial:

*708*078XXXXXXX*number of points# and press send.

It is our way of thanking you for being with us and enjoying the unmatched products and services we provide for you. And now you can transfer and receive rewards points … it doesn’t get any better!!

  • Terms and conditions:

    Credit Transfer Service

    With Etisalat Credit Transfer Service you can transfer credit from your Etisalat sim card to another Etisalat sim card. 

    How to Transfer:
    • You can transfer 10 times per day up to AFN100.
    • On your mobile screen type *125*Destination number*amount# & then press ok, system will ask you "press 1 to confirm the number", you just have to press 1 & ok; amount will be transferred
    • You will receive a confirmation SMS notifying that the credit transfer has been done successfully

    For example: If you want to transfer AFN 50; on your mobile screen type *125*078X XX X XXX*50# & then press ok.

    Charges: AFN 2/Transfer.