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Etisalat Customer Care

At Etisalat Customer Care, Customer Experience and Customer Operations, we all sing the same tune - “Our Customers are our Partners”

Customer Care at Etisalat is an innovative customer-centric concept through which we believe in empowering our customers and engaging our visitors.

Our staff act as advisors and consultants; working on behalf of our customers and for their benefit.

What differentiates us from others is our Customer Journey that spans the entire range of Customer Interfacing points – starting at Concierge Service, Contact Centres, Hot-Lines, IVR, Website, Chat, Email, Point of Sales, Flagships, Franchises and ending at our Distributors.

Our core value of ensuring a great experience for our customers places you at the heart of our success. Safeguarding your trust and respecting your confidence is something we achieve by exceeding your expectations of service, quality and value. To care and help is something that we seek in each member of our team, and this makes the experience of Etisalat Customer Care unique and also makes our customers feel that it is “care coming from the heart.”

Etisalat Customer Care caters to a diverse clientele spread across Afghanistan and is delighted to be there for its customers, anywhere, anytime

  • Customer Care OnlineWherever you are, whenever you need assistance and whatever you desire, you can reach your consultant at Here, you can submit your inquiry or request or even engage in a live chat with your consultant.
  • Knowledge Online
    Our knowledge base is online, researchable, intuitive, insightful and easy to use, giving you all you need to know about our products and services in one convenient place. You can also browse news and troubleshoot to solve your problems.
  • Email us wherever you are
    Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and your consultant will be there for you, instantly attending to your needs and taking care of your requests.
  • SMS us whenever you need
    Send an SMS to 222 and your consultant will be there for you instantly attending to your needs and taking care of your inquires.
  • Call us 24/7
    At any time of the day or night, you can count on our skilled team of Customer Care Consultants who are always ready with a smile and a helping hand. Just dial 888 and you can enjoy our ever-ready Customer Care!
  • Dedicated Corporate Relationship Support
    By providing our corporate clients with dedicated support, our Corporate and Enterprise Consultants happily assist with personalized connectivity solutions and a wide array of services. Just dial 777 to ensure that your connections remain seamless and strong.
  • Dealers and Retailers Support
    We have the leading customer care footprint across Afghanistan, ensuring that you can find a Customer Care Centre, Franchise Centre, or our any one of our numerous Partner Retail Outlets almost anywhere.
  • Concierge Service
    At Etisalat, we understand that your needs are as unique as you are. So to cater on these special needs, we add a personalised touch. Now, you can enjoy our unique Concierge Service which will give you a dedicated consultant working only for you, taking the time to understand you and then satisfying your exact needs.

Online Customer Care

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We understand that help should always be at hand, hence we have a wide choice of conveniently located Care Centres for you.

Working Hours:

Saturday to Thursday: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Province Shop Address SIM Registration
Andkhoy Market Saranwal, Andkhoy Bazar 2nd Floor Available
Badakhshan Share-e-Now faizabad next to maiwand bank Badakhshan Available
Badakhshan Faizabad city In front of Eshan-e-Awoleya Hotel
Baghlan Pule Khumri, Pule Khumri Bazaar Sarak-e-Qeshlaq
Baghlan Baghlan-e-Jaded Chawok
Bamyan Bamyan New City, Ghulghula second street Available
Farah Farah Main Bazaar, Jade Market Sarafi.
Faryab Maimana, Maimana Market 2nd Floor, Maimana Bazar Available
Ghazni Ghazni Bazaar, Jade Bazaazi Available
Helmand Beside Lashkargah Muncipality blocks 1st Street Available
Herat Chawk gulha mushtama kasra business center 2nd floor Heart Available
Herat Chowke Gulha, Kasra Market Available
Herat Jebrail Center District Heart
Herat Bazar -e-Khona Shendand District
Jawzjan Shiberghan City Bandar e aqcha next to the public hospital Available
Kabul Haji Yaqoub square, Share-e-Now Ehsan Plaza Building, Kabul Available
Kabul Shaheed Abdul Haq square Matbaa Street, Microarray # 2, Kabul Available
Kabul Malik Azghar square, Gull Bahar Center 4rd floor Kabul Available
Kabul Khisht-e-Okhteef square Parwan Plaza, Laycee Mariam Kabul Available
Kabul Naqash Bus Stop Hameed Business Center Dasht-e-Barchi Kabul Available
Kabul Khairkhana, 500 Family Square Available
Kabul Kote Sangi, Dunyae Mobile Market, second floor Available
Kabul Shahre Naw, Chahrahi Ansari (Ansari squar), Insaf Hotel, first floor Available
Kabul Ahmad Shah Baba Mena; Dawood khan Square near to azrakhsh Course Available
Kabul Sare Zerzameni Deh Afghanan second floor Available
Kabul Khair Khana Golai Hese Awal Next to Azizi Bank Available
Kabul 4th Microrayan, Infront of Shinozada Hosp Available
Kabul Karte Naw, Insaf squar 1st street , Near Azizi Bank Available
Kabul Taimani squar 1st street next to Qasr-e-Binazer hotel Available
Kabul Kabul International Airport
Kabul Sarobi Bazar Infornt of Police DHQ
Kabul Shahre Naw, Beside Pump Station
Kandahar Chowke Madad, Ansari Plaza Available
Kandahar Sardar Malik Squrare, Merwais Market 1st Floor , Shope #210 Available
Kapisa Mahmood Raqi City
Khost Khost Bazaar, Afghan Tower Ground floor Available
Kunar Asadabad, Central Bazaar, Beside Azizi Bank, Abdul Wahab Market, Second Floor Available
Kunduz Jad-e-Wolayat Shinwari Market Kundoz City Available
Kunduz Kundoz City, In front of Abdulwakil Masjid Khanabad Bandar Available
Kunduz Opposite Sare-e-badam, Kunduz City Available
Laghman Ulfat Square, Infront of Governor Office Available
Logar Sharwal Martket
Mazar-e-Sharif Darwaze-Balkh Aria Market 2nd floor Mazar Available
Mazar-e-Sharif Darwaze Shadyan, Turabi hotal second floor Available
Mazar-e-Sharif Qumandani Amnya Square , infront of Baihaqi Book store Available
Nangarhar Daramsal Square Golden Market near 4th old police station Jalalabad Available
Nangarhar Marco, Jalalabad Torkum Road Available
Nangarhar Chowke Mukhaborat; Jalalabad City Available
Paktia Gardiz, Gardiz Chawak
Panjsher Wonaba Phanjsher City
Parwan Charikar Bazaar, Payan Bank Mali Afghan, Moqabel Sarak Sabeqa Pacha Sahib, Jada Kabul Parwan Available
Samangan Aibak City Jada-e-Qotbudin
Sarepul Sare pul Center Shahre Naw
Takhar Payane Chowk Taloqan Next to MTN Showroom Available
Takhar Takhar City In Front of Ibnisena Clinic
Pul-e-khomri Pul-e-khomri bazar Available
Surubi Surubi bazar Available
Wardak Wardak bazar Available
Maimana Maimana market, Maimana bazar Available