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Etisalat Afghanistan Celebrates 5 Million Subscribers

Kabul – 17th February 2016

Afghanistan connects to the world with Etisalat. Thank You 5 million for the trust you place in our values. This family of 5 million will keep on growing and the smiles will continue spreading.

Etisalat Afghanistan`s customer base soared to 5 million active subscribers as the company continues to be the leading network of choice by voice and data users in the country. In the event that was organized to celebrate 5 million milestone, Etisalat thanked its customers for their loyalty and promised that the company will strive to live up to their expectations.   

‘We are thrilled to announce that our customer base has grown to 5 millions. This means we have been able to build mutual trust with our valued customers.’ said Dr. Salah Zerguerras, CEO of Etisalat Afghanistan, ‘On behalf of Etisalat Afghanistan family, I would like to thank our valued customers for their trust and loyalty. At Etisalat, we have always been committed to serve, support and provide our customers with innovative products and services. We are humbled by our customers` trust. It fuels us to push further to help our customers reach the next level of communication through technology.’

Etisalat started its operation in Afghanistan back in 2007 with the objective of partnering the country in the process of rehabilitation and providing its people with world class telecom services. Venturing the challenging market of Afghanistan as number four and in the short duration of their stay in the country, Etisalat has not only achieved quite a lot in telecom sector, but has also earned the trust of Afghan people which they believe is the most important accomplishment. 

‘A whopping 5 million customers and a noteworthy presence in 34 provinces in a span of 8 years are numbers that speak for themselves. We are a company that understands where it fits in the markets and in society and appreciates its responsibility to both.’ added Dr. Salah.

Introduction of 3.75G services for the first time in Afghanistan, launch of Mobile Money services under mHawala, acquainting customers with valued added voice and data packages, providing the people of Afghanistan with life changing opportunities and customer services culture that`s devoted from top to bottom to the customer experience, are some of the key elements of Etisalat success story.

Having invested over US$400 million already, Etisalat reiterated that the company would remain committed to invest in innovation, help individuals/business to increase their profitability with their cutting-edge digital technology and empower the people of Afghanistan to move to a better tomorrow.