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Etisalat Blood Donation Campaign

Kabul – 15th June 2015

The second phase of Etisalat Blood Donation Campaign started on 15th June 2015 in the main office building of Etisalat Afghanistan to mark 14th June, the international blood donation day, during which more than 100 Etisalat employees voluntarily donated blood as an act of charity.

‘We believe in working towards improving the quality of life of members of our communities through caring, sharing and inspiring individuals. Today, we donate blood to help those in need of blood transfusion and spread the message of peace and love.’ said Salah Zerguerras, CEO of Etisalat Afghanistan.

‘This is a WB (whole blood) donation campaign, during which we are collecting blood so that it can be given to someone who needs a blood transfusion.’ said Dr.Masood, head of Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan, ‘We really appreciate this humanitarian act of Etisalat employees and assure them that their donated blood will be given to patients in urgent need of blood transfusion.’

Etisalat launches this yearly campaign to extend a helping hand towards those sick people who are in need of blood transfusion and to encourage more people to give blood and promote the culture of giving and sharing in Afghanistan.

The first phase of this campaign was launched back in 2014 in cooperation with the Central Blood Bank of Afghanistan where a huge number of Etisalat employees donated blood for people in need.

As a part of its social responsibilities, Etisalat Afghanistan has been committed to support Afghanistan in the areas of health, education and other key areas that lead the country toward a better tomorrow.