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Etisalat Signs Partnership Agreement with Afghanistan Volleyball Federation

Kabul – 7th April 2015

Etisalat signs a partnership agreement with Afghanistan Volleyball Federation for the year 2015.’ said Yasser Aboul Amayem, CCO of Etisalat Afghanistan in a joint press conference with Afghanistan Volleyball Federation on 7th April in Kabul.

As a part of Etisalat`s social responsibilities, a new Partnership agreement was signed between Etisalat and Afghanistan Volleyball Federation on Tuesday, 7th April 2015. Subject to this agreement, Etisalat will be the official partner/sponsor of all domestic and international matches of AVF for 2015.

Being a telecom operator, Etisalat has placed the development of society where it operates at the far front of their business priorities. The company supports causes beneficial to societies and provides the platform for young people who want to make positive differences to the country.

‘We believe that it is the responsibility of every business to have practical and strategic CSR programs to ensure the wellbeing of our community.’ said Yasser Aboul Amayem, Chief Commercial Officer, Etisalat Afghanistan. ‘We also believe that sports can play a very crucial role in development of a society. Empowering sports helps inspire youths and deter them from engaging in anti-social activities.’

Etisalat has been the official partner of AVF since 2010 during which the game has evolved and has achieved quite a lot. Afghanistan`s Volleyball team`s qualification to Men`s Volleyball World Cup – 2014, where Afghanistan was eliminated in the preliminary round, and its exceptional performance and shine in international matches against some of the volleyball giants and their unprecedented move from 131st to 79th place in IVF ranking are some of the improvements that the game has experienced under Etisalat`s sponsorship and for the first time in its history in Afghanistan.

‘Etisalat Afghanistan has been a great partner to AVF and it has been a pleasure working with them. I would like to appreciate their commitment and the generous support they have shown toward sports and other development programs in our country.’ We have over 17 programs secheduled including 2 International events. said DR. Muhammad Yunis Popalzai, president of AVF.

Since its establishment in Afghanistan, Etisalat has strived to support sports at different levels and has taken numerous practical steps. Etisalat has also been the official sponsor of Buzkashi, the national sport of Afghanistan, and the official sponsor of Afghanistan cricket team and Afghanistan Cycling Federation. Etisalat stands commited to Empowering Sports in Afghanistan.