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Development of the country lies in the future of Afghans

Our mission is to keep investing in humans and technology – Al Jarwan

Kabul, May 20, 2012:Mr. Jamal Al- Jarwan, Etisalat Group Asia Cluster CEO concluded a two day visit to Kabul last week. He was accompanied by team of Etisalat Group’s Finance, HR and Project Management Staff.

During his visit, Mr. Al- Jarwan held meetings varied internal and external meeting. Etisalat performance, customer facing initiatives and innovation was extensively discussed with Mr. Ahmed Alhosani, CEO Etisalat Afghanistan and other management.

Mr. Al- Jarwan appreciated the efforts of Etisalat and its people regarding the innovative and quality services being offered to the subscribers and also congratulated the company for being first company to launch 3G services in Afghanistan.

He held extensive meetings with customer facing front line staff and stressed the customer focus at every level of the company. “Customer excellence is key to what we do. This focus translates into our training, products and services we offer”, he reiterated.

During the visit, Mr. Al- Jarwan also met H.E Minister of Finance, Dr. Omar Zakhilwal. Dr. Zakhilwal expressed appreciation of the Government of Afghanistan for the role played by Etisalat. He identified its efforts in bringing innovative products and services for cellular subscribers in Afghanistan. “Etisalat Afghanistan has moved from affordability to innovation is short period of time. This is what Afghan people want” he said.

Mr. Al- Jarwan appreciated the hospitality and stressed Etisalat's commitment to Afghanistan's ICT sector. "It is not just the innovative services, rather the development of Afghans that will give Etisalat and Afghanistan, its bright future” added Mr. Al-Jarwan.

Mr. Al Jarwan serves as Chief Regional Officer for Asia at Emirates Telecommunications Corporation and also serves as its Head of Asia Operations. Previously Mr. Al-Jarwan was Head of International Investments at Etisalat Group and Chief Commercial Officer at Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company. Mr. Al Jarwan is a seasoned telecoms expert and hold Masters in Business Administration form Lausanne University.

He reaffirmed the management’s view on critical need for development of Afghan talent. Initiatives like Etisalat Academy, internal and external trainings, gender balance and structured approach to employee development are investments that will pay off handsomely in future. He was happy with satisfaction and engagement of employees at the company. “Main reason for coming to Kabul is to see first hand the employee enthusiasm and engagement on ground. I have known about it in surveys, but seeing is myself, gives me great satisfaction”, he told the staff.

During his meeting with Customer Care staff, he stressed on customer focus paradigm of all Etisalat companies. While interacting with the staff, he repeated, “Subscribers are reason we are here. Earning their loyalty and satisfaction is the very important.”

Mr. Al Jarwan was pleased with Etisalat' efforts in leading the innovation front. He appreciated the excitement for first ever 3G services in Afghanistan. “Etisalat brought the affordability to Afghan people when it entered the market. Now the people want world-class services and we are working hard to provide them. Mobile broadband has clear link to development of the country and will have positive impact on Afghanistan”, he said.

“Overall employee development, customer satisfaction and innovation is our focus. I am very happy to have personally come here and see this in Afghanistan. I will be coming regularly to Afghanistan to ensure materialization of this vision” he said.